Sunday, 1 July 2012

Home Sweet Home?


We have been living in the same rental property for almost five years.

It is old, run down, dark, cold, mouldy..

Dont get me wrong I like old places, I love the history and character, I don’t like old places that have mould growing on the windows that cannot be scrubbed off.

There is no front fence, There are Hungry Jacks wrappers thrown on our lawn every day, people can walk up and tap on our bedroom window while I'm sleeping and the area has gone somewhat Bronx?

We have tried to build a home here, We had our engagement party on the patio, planned our wedding on the lounge room floor, had arguments in every corner, lost our cat on the road our the front, made chrissy lunch in the kitchen – there are memories here.

We pay very little rent here.

We have spent a long time trying to save, the wedding took a large portion of it and its back to basics again.

I have a frustrating part of me my husband (and myself) cannot stand. I have trouble making decisions - Is it the Libra in me? I change my mind, I think too much. I um and ahh and err.. I worry .. I worry too much. I worry that it won't be the right decision and it will impact how great I want our life to be.

Question is do we stay where we are .. in order to save more and not to waste money and have our deposit for our first home sooner
Or move into a new clean fresh (more expensive) rental and spend the 4k for rent in advance/bond but start our new chapter?



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