Thursday, 25 October 2012

I Heart my Body

I have never really hearted my body.

I have been the fat *cringe at the word* girl. The girl with the stomach.
The girl no boy would even glance at.
It has taken me time and effort to start to appreciate my curves.


The women in my family have helped in making me change the way I feel.
We ALL have very little bum, long lady legs, and a very round tummy and it has made me feel like a part of something. A part of a collection of women who smile and joke about our ‘sexy’ bodies and how we are all the same.
I have realised it’s not about my looks but my health and how my body feels.
My chubby hands have not thinned, my blonde hair has darked, but I am me.

I have my father’s height, my mother’s worry expression, my very own blue eyes, my grandfather’s nose, and my nans squinty eyes.

And I heart my family. Therefore, I heart me.